Renovating the Language House

This is just a very brief blogpost to say that I have again updated my schematic "Language House" that I use when talking to primary school teachers about the role of early oral language competence in both the transtion to literacy and the development of prosocial interpersonal skills.

I've blogged previously about how this schematic representation came about, and have it updated here in response to my reflections on discussions with colleagues at the recent Speech Pathology Australia Conference in Canberra.

Most importantly, I thought it was important to show that language, literacy and social skills development is dynamic and ongoing throughout childhood and adolescence (and of course across the whole life-span, but this diagram focuses on the developmental period). Hence the brick pattern on the pillars in this version, as a nod to the vertical progress that needs to occur in both the literacy and interpersonal skill domains, as manifestations of continued language development. Note too, that the walls in this model are more visibly sunken into their granite-like foundations - not just sitting on top of them.

I'm particularly indebted to Dr Ros Neilson for inspiring me to come back and do some renovations.

Please feel free to use this for professional development and related discussions, but I would appreciate being acknowledged as its source. I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts and to take further suggestions/comments.

(c) Pamela Snow 2015 

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